Tennessee Trivia


Bonnaroo in Manchester takes place on

500 acres of farmland making it on of

the largest festivals in the world.


A lot of places claim they invented Mountain Dew,

but according to the company the neon syrupy

was first created in Knoxville in the 30's as a

new drink to mix with Whiskey


Kooky Canuck in Memphis has a

12# hamburger on the menu


Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort has the world's

largest artifical skiing surface, with over

five acres of skiing regardless of the weather.


Tennessee aquarium is the home to the largest fresh water

aquarium in the entire world, with over 7,000 animals housed

in the entire complex


Chattanooga was home to the first patented miniature

golf course, located on Tom Thumb mountain.  It was

created in 1927.


Tow trucks were created in Chattanooga in 1913


Camden is home to North America's ONLY

fresh water pearl farm


Moonpies were created in the early 1900s in Chattanooga


Shady Valley is home to the world's shortest highway tunnel.

Cutting through only 75 foot or rock.


The Lost Sea in Sweetwater is the largest underground lake in the

United States and the second largest non-subglacial underground

lake in the entire world, with over 13 acres of water discovered so far with no end in sight.


Fed Ex Headquartered in Memphis accounts for around

50% of all ground shipping in the US


In 1897 Cotton Candy was invented with a method of

spinning heated sugar into what was called

"fairy floss"


The Grand Ole Opry is home to the longest running live

radio broadcast in the entire world since 1925


Tennessee is bordered by 8 States

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Cracker Barrel was founded here


Columbia is the mule capital of the world, with thousands

of mules present at the Mule Day Parade


Paris (Tennessee that is) is home to a seven

story replica of the Eiffel Tower


Trash is good and in 1937 Knoxville became

known as the "first dumpster city" with the first dumpsters

being created!


 Piggly Wiggly in Memphis, allowed customers the new

radical concept of shopping for their own groceries

when it was founded in 1916!

Video Short on Piggly Wiggly




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