St. Jude is now home to the world's strongest

magnet of its kind.  The magnets new home is

the St. Jude NMR Spectroscopy Center,

where nine other NMR machines are located.

Thanks to its unique power, the manget from zurich,

Switzerland, will help researchers better see &

study biomolecules.  Further understanding of

biomolecules like proteins, DNA and RNA will help

researchers in the fight against diseases like cancer

as they will have better understanding of cell biology.

The magnet uses 6,000 liters of liquid helium to cool the

coils in the wires center. the 10-ton magnet is 1 million

times stronger than the Earth's magnetic field &

many thousand times stronger than a typical magnet

found in a home.  The magnet is about 26 Tesla, a unit of magnetic induction, while the Earth's magnetic field is about 25 microtesla.

An NMR machine functions in many ways like an MRI

machine, which creates a magnetic field around a patient & detects the body's resulting signals that are converted into images showing the inside.  However, MRIs study the body at much lower resolution.








































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