Slug Burgers & The History


Let's first start with the fact that

Slug Burgers are NOT made from slugs!

Now that you know that...

  The name came

from the fact that in the Depression this

Southern delicacy cost a "slug" otherwise

known as a nickel.


Money was scarce and people would

take pork (sometimes beef) and mix with

flour and soy grits to extend the meat

and make them cheap to sell.


From a German recipe these burgers

are fried thin and dressed with

a bun, mustard, onion and pickles.


There is a Slug Burger festival in July

in Corinth Mississippi but

you can find a good one here in Tennessee!


Fat Cat's Grille

121 N. Maple St. Adamsville, TN



Jacob's Grocery

15205 Parker St. Hornsby, TN



Pat's Cafe

110 E Court Ave. Selmer, TN




137 South Second St. Selmer, TN



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